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Synchro Server
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The Synchro Server (Japanese: シンクロサーバー, Shinkurosābā) is a Synchro Weapon introduced in the Crash B-Daman toyline.


Although termed as a "synchro weapon", the Synchro Server is not a launcher but rather a magazine that holds up to eight marbles in individual slots, in addition to a ninth slot in alignment with the loading port of the B-Daman it is equipped to. Like all synchro weapons, it is designed to operate simultaneously with the B-Daman equipping it, via a mechanical connection between the weapon's trigger and the B-Daman's trigger grip. Rather than firing marbles, this operation causes the synchro server to rotate, moving a new marble slot into alignment with the loading port after each shot. For most Crash B-Daman with a standard structure, this will result in eleven consecutive shots before needing to reload.


The Synchro Server is compatible with any Crash B-Daman equipped with an SWS trigger grip, typically functioning as an 11-shot magazine. The standard blue version was sold alone and depicted on its package equipped by the Assault Tauros]], which matches its colour scheme. A plain clear version was also included in the Mach Garuda Super Rapid Fire Set, matching the clear plastic and colour scheme of the Mach Garuda Clear version in the set.


  • No stickers were included with the Synchro Server.