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Tactical Shot
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Product Code 30
Release Dates
Japan July 20, 2006
English Never

The Tactical Shot (Japanese: タクティカルショット, Takutikarushotto) is a Synchro Weapon introduced in the Crash B-Daman toyline.


The Tactical shot is a single-shot, top-loading synchro weapon fitted with a barrel that may be locked to center, left-angle, and right-angle positions, and will direct shots it fires along the selected angle. Like all synchro weapons, it is designed to fire simultaneously with the B-Daman equipping it, via a mechanical connection between the weapon's trigger and the B-Daman's trigger grip. The Tactical Shot shares a core with the Beat Launcher, with the barrel as a separate piece. This allows construction of the Hybrid Cannon by attaching both the Tactical Shot's barrel and the Beat Launcher's magazine to the same weapon core.


The Tactical Shot is compatible with any Crash B-Daman equipped with a SWS trigger grip, enabling synchronized shooting with the B-Daman. It is depicted on its package equipped by the Justice Ifrit, and a red and black version of the weapon core and barrel are included along with a Justice Ifrit in the SWS Try Set