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Targets are the thing B-Damans shoot at. Different versions have been released throughout the course of the franchise, with some only available in specific markets.


B-Daman Crossfire[]

  • Slab: A rectangular target with small notches at each end, allowing them to be stacked in a zig-zag or box formation. Of these, there are three variation: mostly solid, 1 hole, and 2 hole. The hole is large enough for a B-Da Marble to fit through, which can be used to make a spinning or rolling target by placing it flat with a marble in at least one of the holes.
  • Finned: A cylindrical target with 4rocket-like fins around the base. The upper portion is a cap, allowing up to B-Da Marbles to be put inside to increase its weight. Additionally, the cap has an indent to allow an extra marble to be placed on top. A possible goal is to shoot the target and knock the marble off the top.
  • Cyclone: A capsule-shaped target with a rounded top and bottom, as well as three curved arms around the bottom. The top cap can be opened to insert up to two B-Da Marbles to be inserted for extra weight. Shooting it to one side will cause it to spin. A possible game using just this target would be to have two players fire at it, attempting to push it far enough into their opponent's side to count as a goal, similar to soccer or the original Crossfire board game Hasbro named it after to retain their trademark.
  • Pin: Shaped like a bowling pin. It can be opened to insert up to 2 B-Da Marbles for extra weight. While it intuitively is meant to be placed with the wide end down, it can also be place with the narrow end down. Both ends have a hole and small ridges that allow it to have a marble placed on top as well. They can be arranged like bowling pins if the player has enough, or they can be used individually.
  • Official Target: A series of targets released in East Asian markets as an accessory pack. Presumably, they are labeled as 2 and 3 because targets were also included with the Official Field Set as well.
    • Official Target 2: A set of 6 barrel-shaped targets. They can be opened to insert up to 3 B-Dama. Recommended play patterns include grouping them like bowling pins or creating a narrow row with targets on each side to avoid , plus an extra at the end to aim for.
    • Official Target 3: A set of 4 spiral-shaped pillars with dragon heads on top plus a three-bladed shuriken-like Tornado Target. The Tornado Target has indents on each blade and the center where B-Dama can be set.
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