• I saw your comment in the Spike=Phoenix page and I totally agree with you on the difference between the two often-confused terms.

    [http:// Comparison_LuminoDrago.jpg I took this photo a long time ago] and I know this is a photo depicting Bakugan but the horn parts can be great examples to depict the difference between Chromed (Japanese: メッキ Mekki) and Metallic (Japanese: メタリーク Metariku) just in case someone asks for an actual example. ^_^ Actually when someone asks me about it, I give them that photo.

    Although, I'll be honest...I haven't exactly seen a Metallic B-Daman yet. However, compared to the Battle B-Daman series, Cross Fight B-Daman have a distinct grainy feel in their coloring when you look closely. It sort of makes them resemble some Shampoo's lather.

    An example of a Chromed one, however, is the Rev=Dracyan and the Round=Drazeros. Another paint type which was not usually used is the High-Gloss (if that's what its called) or the paint applied to the core of Accele=Bearga.

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    • Haha when I saw the title in my email inbox, I thought someone was having a hissy fit at me and was gonna tell me they're the same thing. This post has made my day :3 That's a really good comparison photo, thanks for that!

      Yeah I haven't seen many metallic B-Daman myself, the only one I can think of off the top of my head is Accel Leon's silver armour, seeing as silver and gold paints are generally lobbed in the metallics family (although not always the case). I bought a mixed lot of B-Damans from someone a while back and there is a blackish/browny IBA body that's metallic style. You can see the little specks of light/glitter in the plastic and paint. That said, I have many B-Daman I've custom painted with metallic paints so I should nab a comparison photo from them too. Are there any B-Daman that have pearly armour? That's use of metallic white paint.

      I think that's the easiest way to explain the difference; metallic is paint that is sparkly or glimmery in a way, and chrome is just wow can you make that any shinier (I love chrome so much XD).

      Yeah I think it's called High Gloss paint, that's what I know it as, and it's opposer, Matte paint. I'm generally more of fan of working with matte paint because of high gloss's sticky feeling when you're touching the parts but that's just me :P Also, this is a great pic of metallic purple paint example.

      EDIT: I have a preliminary photo of my finished Royal Saber for you. I just finished it, and it's dark outside so I can't take good photos, so some smaller details are missing e.g. you can kiiiinda see the red strip on his black ears. But I'm just glad he's finally done :D

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    • Ah, how could I forget that Bearga and Leohjya has some Metallic paint job~! I guess my eyesight really is poor nowadays. T_T

      Pearly Armor...hmm, I would say an example of that would be the Junker Unicorn from Super B-Daman. It looks Pearly to me compared to the Cobalt Blade's matte white.

      Ohhh Shiny Gold and Red~! I can't wait to see the finished product. :D

      Will you also be making a Silver and Blue B-Daman like a Chrome Levan as a complimentary piece? I am quite obsessed with Silver + Blue myself. XD

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    • I didn't think about a blue and silver combo, that would look nice actually! Not sure what character I would end up doing though, I'm not a big fan of Chrome Levan. Either way I'll add it to my future customs list; at this stage, I have 4 other customs I'm working on so I want to get those done first :P

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