• Hey Keith,

    I just wanted to talk to you about the Lukas guy again. While he has stopped bothering me, I have been reading the replies he has been sending to you and I'm now getting more and more frustrated by this guy. His replies to you sound like jibberish, it doesn't appear he is getting the messages you and I both gave him and he is arguing with what he can do. He is also still bringing up the stupid Bakugan Fanon wiki in his arguments which to be honest, is hilarious. I actually took a look at this Bakugan Fanon Wikia, which I don't think is actually that official than the Fan Fic Wiki I now manage, and his responses to other users there is the same. So, I would suggest because he is refusing to listen to either you or me and since this is bordering a low level of harassment (at least to me) - I would suggest blocking him. Not for a long time but I think for 1 to 2 weeks at least.

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    • One more time he retaliates and if he doesn't change his picture within 24 hours; and I will block him permanently. My fuse has blown already. I have no use for such people within the Canon Wiki.

      Sorry, man, but I tried to be nice to the guy. At least I'd try to apologize to you.

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