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    04:23, January 16, 2017

    Hey there, thanks for your hard work on the Wiki!

    I've added the rollback and Content Moderator rights to your account. While you may not need them, I think it's befitting that you have them given your efforts, and in case anything appears that might require you to have them, haha.

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    • Thanks! I can definitely say that I will benefit from them. Although I didn't expect to get them without applying for them!¬†:D

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    • Aha, well, I check in now and again to ensure there isn't any vandalism going on, and I've been keeping an eye on your work for a while. You certainly deserve them, haha.

      Only criticism I really have at all is the names of the episode articles. We normally follow the "SERIES - Episode ##" layout (e.g: B-Daman Crossfire - Episode 01), so that's a little inconsistent at the moment. Outside of that though, things look pretty good!

      Were you an active editor on another Wiki? You seem like quite the natural at this :P

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    • I am an active editor on a couple of other wikis, and I have administrator rights on a couple of them. I discovered this wiki in late 2013 or early 2014 but I didn't start editing here until May of this year, because I hadn't watched the series since 2006, and it didn't occur to me that this wiki needed my kind of help, until my interest in the B-Daman series resurfaced. I'll try to keep SERIES-Episode ## more consistent in the future, but a lot of the episodes from the first season had already been named under their episode names, so it seemed consistent to re-name the remaining pages so that they would match the other pages of episodes from the first season.

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