Please stop antagonizing 1RisingDracyan1. Don't get me wrong, I'm not taking sides here; take a look at my wall where Rising has posted, and you can see all the points I made about all your edits being correct, except for Left=Starion; it's already stated to be a Rapid-Fire type right at the start of the article, we don't need it in the Trivia section too. Apart from that, I thank you for clearing up Rising's mistakes on various articles, the Wiki depends on people like that.

But please, I ask that you take a Wiki-etiquette approach to the whole situation; be friendly, flexible, focused on the task and work together to achieve our goals. Whenever someone, whether it be Rising or anyone else, adds bad information or makes a bad edit, please don't attack them for it, and instead think of their edit in good faith; Rising is also trying to help out on this Wiki like all of us, and they meant well with their edit, it's not like they're intentionally vandalising the place. If we're too harsh on new members, it just chases them away and the Wiki ends up losing valuable information. Take a look at what they've done and consider why they have done so; always try and find a way to combine information, rather than take information from one person only. That's the whole point of a Wiki after all. I just ask that you don't be so blunt with Rising, and actually look at his edits (in the case of Left=Starion anyway) to see if it was ok or not, and then make any necessary changes. None of this should ever be personal; just strive to make the Wiki as good as it can be :)

Edit: I can see what you're having to face regarding Rising being a difficult member. I sympathise with you in that sense but again please try and be nice to them ^__^

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