Tommi the Cat (タメゴロー Tamegorō) is a main character in Battle B-Daman.

Tommi the Cat
Tommi the Cat
English Voice Actor Robert Martin Klein
Hair Black (Fur)
Eyes White
Age 9 months
Occupation Yamato's Cat
Non Battle Character

Appearance and Personality

Tommi is Yamato's Cat. Tommi has black fur and white eyes and always wears his yellow ascot. Tommi is shown to be very competitive with Yamato and he is also faster and more agile than him. Tommi is also able to communicate with Yamato. Tommi also scares easily, but is very courageous.


  • Despite being a cat, Tommi doesn't always stick rigidly to the carnivorous traditions of being a cat, as shown in Yamato and Terry's Excellent Adventure where he eats the pear that Yamato and Terry were fighting over.

Battle B-Daman

Tommi debuts alongside Yamato racing him to Mie's Kitty Cafe. Tommi beats Yamato to the punch and is seen with Yamato there and on. Tommi is seen in nearly every episode of Battle B-Daman from going to the IBA Winners Tournament to the start of the Neo Shadow Alliance. Tommi played an important role when Li tried to capture Mie until he was persuaded not to. Tommi is the one who continuously foiled his different plans to hold her hostage. Tommi's most important role would not be until the final battle of Battle B-Daman. Tommi is possessed by the good side of Marda B that tells the gang about Marda B's true past and why he is so evil.

Battle B-Daman Fire Spirits

When Yamato goes after the Drive Shot (Strike Shot) Tommi accompanies him. Tommi is also the first one to see Haja crawling on the walls and ceiling off the shop they were in.


Battle B-Daman


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