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Convert Barrel
TUG Convert Barrel
Product Code CB-53
Price 577円
Release Dates
Japan September 29th, 2012
English TBA

Convert Barrel is a Tune-Up Gear introduced in the B-Daman Fireblast toyline. It was released on September 29, 2012 for 577円.


The Convert Barrel provides extra control when firing B-Dama. The Barrel is made up of four separate rings, all connected via joints. One can add more rings at the front if one has more than one Convert Barrels.

One can use it in two modes. The first mode involves you leaving the rings to form a long barrel. This provides further control than being expanded. The second mode involves the four rings being expanded. This causes the front ring to become a cross-hair, allowing you to target it yourself. The Convert Barrel can also be expanded so the cross-hair is visible above the Cyclone Magazine, should one choose to use one.


This Tune-Up Gear is a must-have for Precision/Control-Type customizations.


  • It is a very well-known, infamously useful, or rare Tune-Up Gear in the anime, as evidenced at Akari Komyouji's surprise when she was handed one by her superior, Roma Day, for the shady deal to be made with Misuru.