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Core Random Booster Plus
Product Code CB-34
Price 577円
Release Dates
Japan February 25, 2012
English N/A

Core Random Booster Plus (Japanese: コアランダムブースタープラス, Koa Randamu Busuta Purasu) is the second Random Booster for Core Parts, this time featuring a new Power-Type Core as the prize. It was released in Japan on February 25, 2012 for 577円.


You get a 1/5 chance of getting any one of the following Core Parts:

  • Roll Bearga Ver. - Lavender body shell with baby blue Hold Parts, Stud Parts and Trigger.
  • Stroke GaugeMAX Ver. - Semi-translucent green body shell with white Hold Parts, Stroke Rail, Stud Parts, and Trigger.
  • Roll GaugeMAX Ver. - Semi-translucent pink body shell with black Hold Parts, Stud Parts, and Trigger.
  • Stroke Leohjya Ver. - Tan body shell with yellow Hold Parts, Stud Parts, Stroke Rail, and Trigger.
  • Break - Black body shell with red Hold Parts, Stud Parts, and Trigger. Rare Core.

Core Part: Break[]

Break features an elongated Trigger and two Hold Parts with fiercely-designed tips. The Trigger's tip is differently designed than those of most other Cores in the Core Change System. The Trigger also extends much further than most, up to the area where the Hold Parts' tips are. That, combined with the design and narrow area of the Hold Parts, makes for a considerable amount of power. Break was also re-issued in the Super Double Dragon Set with a metallic body shell with red Hold Parts and Trigger, as the Core Part for Break=Dragren.



  • The GaugeMAX version refers to the vibrant lines of light in a B-Der's maxed-out headset and gauntlet gauges. That very idea was recreated as the translucent color of two of the Cores from this set.