Core Random Booster Vol. 1
Product Code CB-07
Price 525円
Release Dates
Japan June 18th, 2011
English Never
Core Random Booster Vol. 1 (Japanese: コアランダムブースターVol.1, Koarandamubūsutā Vol. 1) is a Tune-Up Gear released in the Cross Fight B-Daman toyline on June 18, 2011, and sold for 525円.


This Tune-Up Gear is essentially a blind box for Core Parts, in which you have a 1/4 chance of acquiring one of four different Core Parts.


  • One-Sided Green Ver. - Tan body shell, dark blue-green handlebars, Trigger, Stud Parts, and Hold Parts, Normal.
  • Steer Blue Ver. - Blue body shell, orange Trigger, Hold Parts, and Stud Parts, Normal.
  • One-Sided Purple Ver. - Black body shell, purple handlebars, Trigger, Hold Parts, and Stud Parts, Rare.
  • Spin - Translucent grey body shell, red Hold Parts, Trigger, and Stud Parts, Super Rare.

Core Part: Spin

Spin features a new body shell similar in design to the generic Core Parts like One-Sided, Steer, and Torque, but more streamlined. It also has two Hold Parts, with spear-like tips of differing design and size, along with a standard Trigger. Horizontally mounted on the Hold Part with the larger tip is a rubber strip, similar to Accele. The Core's gimmick, which leads to its name, is that when a B-Dama is fired from it, the rubber strip gives it a sideways spin. When the B-Dama hits a wall while it spins, it rebounds at an angle. The direction of the spin can be changed by taking apart the Core, flipping the Hold Parts, and then putting it back together in that form.

This Core Part would later be released in the Spin=Leohjya starter and in the limited edition Spin=Dravise starter. In addition, Thunder Bison's Burst Core would use a similar body shell.


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