The box of the Core Random Booster Vol.1

The CB-07 Core Random Booster Vol. 1 is a Tune-Up Gear similar in format to a booster pack of trading cards, in which case is a booster pack for B-Daman Cores. When you get a copy of this booster, you'll have a 1/4 chance of of getting one of four Core Parts listed below, three of which being two re-colors of the One-Sided Core and one being a re-color of the Steer Core.

Core Parts featured

  • One-Sided Green Ver. (Tan/dark blue-green, Normal)
  • Steer Blue Ver. (Blue/orange, Normal)
  • One-Sided Purple Ver. (Black/purple, Rare)
  • Spin (Translucent grey/red, Super Rare)

NOTE: The Spin Core is later released in the Thunder Leo and Spin=Dravise starter packs.


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