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Cyclone Magazine
TUG Cyclone Magazine Demo 1
Product Code CB-54
Price 577円
Release Dates
Japan September 29th, 2012
English TBA

Cyclone Magazine is a Tune-Up Gear introduced during the Emblem Charge System. It was released on September 29, 2012 for 577円. It is used by Samuru Shigane in the anime.


The Cyclone Magazine attaches to the loading slot. This increases the capacity of a B-Daman's clip to around fourty-three B-Dama.

If you own multiple Cyclone Magazines, the tops can be stacked on top of each other, essentially creating a tower like the System Magazine . For example, if you owned four Cyclone Magazines, you could load approximately 172 B-Dama, at the cost of the B-Daman being extremely heavy, and hard to move.

Additionally, you can remove the top part of the Cyclone Magazine for easy reloading, like the Tornado Magazine . This halves the capacity of the Magazine, and removes the ability to stack, but allows for quick reloading.


The Cyclone Magazine was designed for use with Sonic=Dravise. However, it has proven useful with all Rapid-Fire Type B-Daman, and has outclassed it's predecessor, the Tornado Magazine. This is a great option for any B-Daman, every B-Shot should own one.