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Straight Barrel
Product Code BM-07
Price 560円
Release Dates
Japan August 28, 2010
October 25, 2011
English TBA

The Straight Barrel (Japanese: ストレートバレル, Sutorēto Bareru) is the first Tune-Up Gear and Barrel released in the B-Daman Crossfire toyline. It first released under the Pen-B System on August 28, 2010 for 560円 with a reissue October 15, 2011 retailing 525円.


The Straight Barrel is the first Cross Fight Barrel released and as of which, features no gimmicks at all. As a black Barrel with red stickers, it connects to a Pen-B, Core Change or Emblem Charge B-Daman's Core at the front. It is quite streamlined, with two curved covers which help straighten the B-Dama at the top. The sides are also covered for the most part with stabilizing protrusions beneath to support it. Also, there is a small Sight to assist aiming. For its use in the B-Ta 1Go arcade game, its CBC number is CBC-072.


Competitively however, the Straight Barrel is not as "complete" design-wise or solid as the True Aim Barrel or Convert Barrel. Those are longer in length and provide additional features to better help Control-Types or even any B-Daman Type.

Other Versions[]

  • Straight Barrel: CB-17; red redeco with orange, green, black and white stickers. October 15, 2011 release in Japan for 525円. CBC number 074.
  • Straight Barrel Clear Blue Ver.: Semi-translucent blue re-color given out as a 2nd Place tournament prize
  • Straight Barrel Drazeros Ver.: Semi-translucent purple variation based on Twin=Drazeros
  • Straight Barrel Dragold Ver.: Semi-translucent gold redeco exclusive to the Smash=Dragold promotional campaign.