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Straight Magazine
Product Code BM-08
Price 525円
Release Dates
Japan August 28, 2010
English N/A
Not to be confused with Super B-Daman's Straight Magazine 10

The Straight Magazine (Japanese: ストレートマガジン, Sutorēto Magajin) is the first Magazine-based Tune-Up Gear released under the Cross Fight B-Daman toyline. It came out on August 28, 2010 in Japan, selling for 525円.


As its name suggests, the Straight Magazine is a loader designed straightly, making it a relatively basic piece with no gimmicks. Made of three parts, all being gray with red, black, yellow and white stickers using words like "CUSTOM", "MAGAZINE", "BM-08" and "SET". Due to its design though, the Magazine is unlikely to jam B-Dama - great for Power-Types. However to keep with its gimmick-less concept, it can only hold up to 8 B-Dama while the Wide Magazine outclasses it for the same low jam ratio but being able to hold 10 B-Dama. As a result, it will not be as effective for Rapid-Fire like the Tornado Magazine's 45 B-Dama capacity or even the Cyclone Magazine. Despite these cons, it makes a good custom with Lightning Fin.

It is important to note that despite releasing in the Pen-B System, it is completely compatible with the later Core Change and Emblem Charge B-Damans.

Other Versions[]

  • Straight Magazine Clear Black Ver. - Semi-translucent black coloration exclusive to the Pen-B White Premium Set



  • The Straight Magazine is a homage to Super B-Daman's Straight Magazine 10.