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The series of B-Daman has different types in each series. While Battle B-Daman has Power, Rapid Fire, Control, Accuracy, and Balance, Cross Fight, Crash, and Super B-Daman only have Power, Rapid Fire, and Control. In those iterations, Control, Balance, and Accuracy are merged into a single type.


Takes down a target powerfully. Power type B-Daman are capable of making very quick, powerful shots. This is done by increasing the tension of the holding parts on the B-Dama. Power type B-Daman succeed in games that need less shots but more efficient firing. They are best suited for games like B-Daman Invasion.

Rapid Fire[]

Shoots many marbles in a short time. Rapid fire B-Daman need magazine loaders to work at their best potential. Rapid fire is achieved when less friction is made between the holding parts and the B-Dama, therefore B-Dama easily move through the prongs of the core and allow the user to fire more shots faster than other types. Rapid fire B-Daman work best in games that require many shots to be made.


B-Daman with control can be easily maneuvered around the field. This allows the user to have better firing rates and accuracy through a more secure grip and movement of the B-Daman. This helps in fast paced games like DHB so that you can quickly avoid and/or rebound shots from the opponent.


Just as the name suggests, B-Daman with high Accuracy can easily shoot down targets. Accuracy can be achieved through the use of a barrel or aligning trigger attachment. The B-Dama is forced to go straight and therefore have the best accuracy. This works best in games where you are hitting a target from far away or have limited B-Dama to take down targets.


Balance give a B-Daman stability. It allows the B-Daman to sit firmly on the table and helps to aid other battle types such as Rapid Fire by providing magazine stability.

In some iterations, Balance can also refer to B-Daman who has equal potential in all the other types.