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Ultimate Bahamut (Japanese: アルティメットバハムート, Arutimetto Bahamūto) is a "Perfect Revolver" Type B-Daman, and the combined form of Omega Bahamut and Alpha Bahamut.

It is used by Kyousuke Arasaki in the Crash B-Daman anime series and Tycoon Shou in the manga.

My Ultimate Bahamut has roared out its rage! Any eyesore that stands on its way will be razed as it roars!

Kyousuke Arasaki to Hitto Tamaga and Co. (episode 45)

Core B-Daman Block: Bahamut[]

Barrel Block: .67 Revolver Barrel[]

The .67 Revolver Barrel has a large cylinder with three chambers, each with two Hold Parts. It features a spring-loaded Side Lever that can be turned clockwise to fire two-marble shots or three-marble Triple Shots. In addition, the Loading Magazine can be attached to it, to increase its loading capacity.

Ultimate Bahamut features this piece in a purplish-blue coloration with fiery yellow stickers. 

Double Dark Synchro Grip[]

The Double Dark Synchro Grip, as the name would imply, is a Double Synchro Grip consisting of two Dark Grips, one from Omega Bahamut, and the other from Alpha Bahamut. Can be created using Alpha Bahamut's Connect Server.

Crash B-Daman (anime)[]

Crash B-Daman (manga)[]

In the manga, the Bahamut B-Daman is shown to inhibit a powerful evil deity inside. Therein, the Ultimate Bahamut is used by Tycoon Shou in the final battle against Hitto Tamaga.







Ultimate Bahamut Fusion

Ultimate Bahamut combination sequence