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Not to be confused with Spike=Phoenix's Super Fusion: Ultimate Phoenix

Ultimate Phoenix (Japanese: アルティメットフェニックス, Arutimetto Fenikkusu) is a Power-Type Plug-In System B-Daman and a limited edition variant of Battle Phoenix in Super B-Daman. It was released during February 1999 in Japan to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of the B-Daman franchise, and was sold for 5,000円.

PI Head[]

Essentially a clear version of Battle Phoenix's PI Head with the same stickers.

PI Arms, Metal Shoulder Wings, and Adjuster Cannon Suspension[]

The PI Arms are like the standard Battle Phoenix, but clear, and featuring all-new parts. The Metal Shoulder Wings not only form part of the Adjuster Cannon Arm assembly, but also provides the user a means of holding the B-Daman. The Adjuster Cannon Suspension, as the name suggests, is adjustable to however the user likes, and completes the Adjuster Cannon Arm mechanism. 

PI Metal Foot[]

Essentially a metal version of the original Battle Phoenix's PI Foot piece, and with the same stickers. There are also black rubber stickers on the underside, undoubtedly meant to keep a firm grip on the playing field.

PI Metal Body, Support Springs, and Hybrid Rollers[]

The PI Metal Body, quite obviously, is a PI Frame made of metal. It has the NEW Delta System, but this time, the bottom Hold Part is made of metal and features an orange Drive Strip. The upper Hold Parts are complimented by two red Support Springs and a pair of rubber-edged metal Hybrid Rollers, the former of which having come from the P-57: Tune-Up Parts Set.

JBA Long Aluminum Trigger[]

A new version of the P-46: Twin Aluminum Trigger, with longer aluminum rods and a wider rubber pad featuring the JBA logo.

Other Versions[]

  • Ultimate Phoenix Clear Black Ver. - This version was distributed exclusively at the 20th Century Toy Museum Exhibition. Clear black plastic parts with gold colored metal parts, and bright yellow rubber parts.
  • Ultimate Phoenix Gold Ver. - A very rare variation of Ultimate Phoenix that was distributed as a limited edition lottery prize. It is essentially the Clear Black version but with metallic gold plastic parts rather than clear black.



Ultimate Phoenix Clear Black Ver.[]

Ultimate Phoenix Gold Ver.[]


  • While its standard counterpart weighs 46.5 grams, Ultimate Phoenix, because of its metal parts, weighs a rather hefty 135 grams.
  • The PI Metal Body carried over to the PI-EX System in the form of the P-72: EX Heavy Frame.