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  • Bio Hi, my name is C.Syde, and I am a proud wiki editor, and Wikian. I am an Administrator on several wikis, as well as a Community Councillor.
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==My Best Ever User Rank==
==My Best Ever User Rank==

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B-Da Fire! My name is C.Syde, and I am an editor on the B-Daman Wiki. I was introduced to Battle B-Daman in 2006, where I quickly became a fan of the series. When it appeared on television in my country back in 2006, I'd seen nothing quite like it before. I'd seen other Anime shows before seeing Battle B-Daman, but the Anime shows that I'd seen before just didn't do it for me, and Battle B-Daman did it. During it's appearance on television in my country, it became my favourite television show, even surpassing my all time favourite TV show - SpongeBob SquarePants. However I didn't see the B-Daman series again until 2016, when I decided to search it on YouTube.

I found this wiki back in 2013 if I can recall correctly, or was it the very start of 2014? I'm not sure. But I didn't begin editing this wiki until now, when my interest in the B-Daman series finally resurfaced. Because I didn't realise that my help would be needed. However looking at the pages, it's pretty clear that this wiki is in need of improvement. Now that I have reunited with the series and re-watching the episodes of the first season, I am ready to update and revise information across various pages. But there's still room for me to familiarise myself with each episode even better, so that I can make some real style shaping contributions.

My Favourite Characters from the series

Yes I know that four of the five characters I consider my favourites are villains, or were villains. The obvious exception is Liena, as she was only brainwashed into being bad, and thus she doesn't count. I just seem to find a lot of the bad characters more interesting, but I'm still on the side of good, nonetheless.

My Favourite Episodes

Note that this list may be subject to expand over time.

Photos of My Favourite Characters from the series

Ababa Cain Enjyu ep4 01 Liena Grace Vincent Li ep4 10

Other wikis that I've significantly contributed to:

My Best Ever User Rank

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