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  • I live in in my future Gamindustri and on planet Vestal
  • I was born on January 16
  • My occupation is Next Goddess (女神) of Planeptune
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LittleDragon Yumegami
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Basic Information
Hair Blue (Changing to Midnight blue at the middle of her hair until the end)
Eyes Ruby Red
Age 12
Occupation B-Shot
Abroad Student
B-Daman <Secret>
Japanese Voice Actor Nana Mizuki
English Voice Actor Unknown

My OC Characters

Rinne Utau (歌唄 リンネ   -鈴音-    Utau Rinne) also known as Rinne Kuromi (黒詠み リンネ Kuroyomi Rinne), she is a character in B-Daman Firemerge (a story that I make) . She is Ryukai, Ryuma & Rimai’s younger sister, Ryan Shiromi and Raine Kuromi’s youngest daughter while is Gyro Shiromi & Tsukasa Shiromi’s niece.


Rinne seems to be a little taller than Riki. She has a long Cobalt Blue hair that reaches pass her knees and at the middle of her hair is changing to midnight blue until the end. She ties her hair into a large and wide ponytail with white headband and she dyed black at the tips of the end of her hair.

She has a ruby red eyes and pale skin. She wears light grey sleeveless dress over darker colored shirt that is bare-shoulder and frilled. Rinne also wears black belt with a black little bag hanging at the right of it, black fingerless gloves, a pair of light grey colored boots with the cuffs are frilled and black leggings.


Rinne appears to be very cheerful, polite, often smiles and friendly. She's natural sings. She cares her family than anything else, she usually get along very well with her siblings, in younger years she was timid and inertia. She also helpful too but actually there's another personality within her. (See in Rin Shirotama)


Rinne is the youngest daughter of Ryan Shiromi and Raine Kuromi. She was born separately, she's born in Western City. 6 years ago, she was buying a present for her mother but suddenly out of nowhere she was kidnapped by a unknown "Gang". She was kept in a place with others kidnapped children. She was experienced of the horrible scenes that she saw and that is the born of her new personality and she lost of her most of her emotions the only left is anger. (There's more in Rin Shirotama)


  • Rinne (リンネ - 鈴音- ) means the sounds of the ringing bell, Utau (歌唄) means to sing.
  • Her name, Rinne might is a combined name of a part of her parents' names, Rei (レイ - 鈴 -) from Ryan (In Japanese: Reiyuu) means bell and -Ne (ネ - 音 -) from Raine means sounds.
  • Her whole family members names start with R and they are music lovers.
  • She and her siblings may inherited some things or personality or talents from their mother or father. Rinne inherited most. Rinne's voice and face are inherited from her mother and she inherited her father hair color even though is half.
  • She's the only person in the family that is not a celebrity.

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