Never more0122333

aka Earl

  • I live in A.P.I.T.W. (Awesome Place in this world... The Philippines)
  • I was born on February 25
  • My occupation is Writer of The Fall of Mankind (UFS Wikia)
  • I am male
Samuru shigami


Samuru says hi to you all! And I say Welcome to my page! Take a tour and don't leave yet! I'm watching you...hehehe

Never_more0122333 is "online"

Before you start to tour in my page, take a look at this one...

About the Ass Kicker

The name's Earl aka Never_more0122333 or The Ass Kicker, You can call me never or ass kicker if you want it easy. I'm from Philippines.

I love B-DAMAN! Especially Samuru Shigami, who is my favorite b-daplayer.

CM Punk is the Best In The World.

Wiki Friends List

None as for now.

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