aka Secret

  • I live in Hogwarts.....
  • I was born on January 29
  • My occupation is Ninja
  • I am a Potato

Basic Stuff About Me

Hey guys I'm NinjaRanger (call me soon.JK) you can call me Ninja,Hosh or whatever you wanna call me.I've been a fan of B-Daman ever since 2013 and ever since then I got obsessed.I only started editing recently around 2018 cuz I've noticed that the wiki has been empty and nobody has updated in forever.I'm just a beginner so dont expect me to be as good as the other editors.I'm in other wikis but Im currently devoting most of my time in the B-Daman Wiki cuz the other wikis I'm in are really active compared to this one.I'm currently waiting for another B-Daman series to be released so that this Wiki could hopefully be active again.Based from what I saw from other users,a new B-Daman series should be released around October 2019 but it's just their speculation.You can contact me in my message wall but I wont be that active in the weekdays.

(currently inactive cuz of school stuff)

More Stuff About Me

  • I'm in other fandoms such as Ben 10,Ninjago and more stuff for boys.
  • My favorite B-Daman from Crossfire are the 5 Legendary Dragons(Thunder Dracyan,Lightning Dravise,Strike Dragren,Double Drazeros and Smash Dragold).
  • My favorite B-Daman from Fireblast are the Mythical Beasts (Drive Garuburn,Rising Dracyan,Kreis Raydra,Dashing Tankshell,Spike Phoenix and Triple Gillusion).
  • I'm a Newbie Wikia Editor so don't expect me to be good at editing pages and expect me to make lots of mistakes in categories cuz Im a big noob at these kinds of stuffs.
  • Again,my knowledge in B-Daman is a bit rusty since last time I've seen B-Daman on TV was 2013 and I follow the lead of others so thats why I end up making tons of mistakes in editing pages.
  • I actually dont own any B-Daman.I did own All Versions Garuburn (Blast Arm(Normal and DX),Cannon Arm(Normal and DX),Ultimate Arm and Perfect Mode) in my dreams.
  • I also had one dream where I was using a brown Accele Dracyan against my classmate's pink Torque Bearga.
  • I'm a Harry Potter Fan.
  • K-Pop Fan.
  • I got into B-Daman around 2013,found this Wikipedia around 2015 and started editing around 2018.
  • I have a goal of collecting all B-Daman even if it's impossible now around 2018.But one time around my school I saw my classmate with Lightning Scorpio and I think he got it from someone else from my school.It was a Bazaar happening in my school so yeah....
  • One time I saw someone from my school comment on a video 3 years ago.I think he was the one who gave the Lightning Scorpio to my classmate.Meh anyway the video link is here.He is the one who commented about how the combo broke the B-Daman he shot.
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