Hello! I'm Miles, but feel free to call me by my username too. I'm from Singapore. I've been into the Battle B-Daman series ever since 2008. I've also barely started on Crash B-Daman, and I'm aspiring to translate the Chinese subs available into English despite my very slow progress. I haven't gotten the time to check out any other series, but hopefully I will get to them very soon.

I've watched Battle B-Daman (+ Fire Spirits) in full, played both Battle B-Daman GBA games, and collected the full English manga of the series.

My favourite characters in the series are Wen Yong Fa and Gray Michael Vincent. And yes, I do ship as well, though not so much. My main OTP in the series is Enjyu/Wen.

I own two of Takara Tomy's products - The Yong Fa's brothers' Cartridge System B-Daman, Comet Dragon and Meteor Dragon.

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