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Personal Information
Name Samuel Robert Taylor
Date of Birth 7th November, 1996
Age 15 years old
Country England, United Kingdom
Current Time Zone GMT+1 (DST On)
Occupation Student (Secondary School)
Relationship Status In a relationship with
Natsumi Ismerai Jimenez
Wikia Information
Username ~Mana~
Previous Usernames Manaphy12342 (Changed August 2012)
Joined Wikia on February 24th, 2011
First Wiki RICTA Wiki (Personal)
Bot Accounts ManaBot
Main Wikis Beyblade Wiki
Beyblade Fanon Wiki
Yu-Gi-Oh! Wiki
Code Lyoko Wiki

Welcome to ~Mana~'s userpage!
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Beyblade Wiki
User Rights Chat Moderator
Date Joined 29th July, 2011
Became Admin 29th July, 2011 (sysop)
22nd September, 2012 (crat)
Number of Edits (Total) Special:EditCount/~Mana~
Number of Edits (Mainspace) Special:EditCount/~Mana~/(Main)

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