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Variable Kaiser (Japanese: ヴァリアブルカイザー, Variaburu Kaizaa) is a Power-Type Cartridge System B-Daman, belonging to Enjyu. It was released in Japan in July 2005, and sold for 800円. It also comes packaged with a toy version of the Black Drive Shot.

Cartridge Armor[]

Cartridge Helmet: Kaiser Sight[]

The Kaiser Sight Cartridge Helmet is designed like the helmets of its predecessors, but black in coloration with a blue visor. 

Cartridge Arms: Variable Arms[]

The Variable Arms feature a pair of wings that can be swiveled, either as a pair of grip handles, or positioned forwards to squeeze in the Hold Parts for more power.

Cartridge Feet: Sharp Foot[]

The Sharp Foot piece, as the name suggests, has a design on each foot like a combat knife.

Cartridge Body: Drive Body[]

Variable Kaiser has a purple Drive Body with green Hold Parts.

Cartridge Trigger[]

This B-Daman's Cartridge Trigger is purple with a green trigger and latch.

Other Versions[]

  • Variable Kaiser Crystal Ver. - Limited Taiwan Exclusive Clear purple coloration with metallic decals and a clear purple Black Drive Shot.
  • Dress Up Stickers Variable Kaiser
  • Variable Kaiser Red Ver. - Came packaged with the G-17 Deadly Sphere Battle Colosseum. ToysRUs Japan exclusive.

Battle B-Daman: Fire Spirits! (anime)[]