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Buster Leg
VUP Buster Leg
Product Code CB-62
Price 682円
Release Dates
Japan December 28th, 2012
English TBA

Buster Leg (Japanese: バスターレッグ, Basutāreggu) is a Version-Up Part introduced in the B-Daman Fireblast toyline. It was released on December 28, 2012 for 682円.


The Buster Leg provides extended stability when firing, allowing for less potential recoil and more accurate shots. It can be used in two modes: The first mode, Normal Mode, involves its Buster Wings being positioned up vertically or diagonally, allowing them to be used as handles when firing. The second mode, Sniper Mode, involves the wings being flat down horizontally, providing more surface area against the ground below it. The Buster Wings also have sockets to accomodate the semi-translucent red stabilizer pieces from Kreis=Raydra's Leg Part.

Other Versions


While the Buster Leg is designed for use with Kreis=Raydra, it can be used on any B-Daman. As a result, utilization with the Cannon Arm has proven useful, as the Buster Leg reduces the recoil caused from the Cannon Arm's Emblem Charge Shots.