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Magnum Arm
Product Code CB-73
Price 682円
Release Dates
Japan March 16, 2013
English N/A

Magnum Arm (Japanese: マグナムアーム, Magunamu Aamu) is a Version-Up Part introduced in the Cross Fight B-Daman eS toyline. It was released in Japan on March 16, 2013 for 682円.


The Magnum Arm, similar to the Blast Arm and theCanon Arm is an Arm Part-based Version-Up Part, designed for use with Rising=Dracyan. Due to this, the said Arm Parts of Rising=Dracyan must be removed in order to function. Upon connection to said B-Daman, these two, long pairs of white arms provide more strength to the Emblem Charge Shot. Granted, the removal of Rising=Dracyan's Arm Parts eliminates use of its Emblems. To compensate for this, two, new, red Emblems are part of the Magnum Arms. These Emblems are found at a pair of small grips on the Version-Up Part. The purpose of this new placement was to create an easier way in pressing-and-holding each of Rising=Dracyan's Emblems in order to create a more efficient and powerful Emblem Charge Shot.

An interesting feature about the Magnum Arm is that each arm contains a B-Dama shaped hold that can store B-Dama, similar to the Emblem Wing Parts of Stream=Drazeros and the Leg Parts of Sonic=Dravise. In this case, the B-Dama can create better balance and add weight to Rising=Dracyan and partially push in the Emblems.

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