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Ultimate Leg
Rising=Dracyan wearing the Ultimate Leg
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Release Dates
Japan August 2013 (cancelled)
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The Ultimate Leg (Japanese: 究極レッグ, Kyūkyoku Reggu) is an anime-only Version-Up Part and Rising=Dracyan's second, following the Magnum Arm. It first appeared in Raising the Curtains! Phoenix Grand Prix.

It was originally planned for a product release sometime August 2013 but Takara Tomy cancelled it for unknown reasons.


Unlike the Magnum Arm, the Ultimate Leg is based in a B-Daman's Leg Part with Mail on their Arms and Head. When fitted on Rising=Dracyan, it replaces its Legs with new ones using a dragon head motif and extensions to which the original Leg Emblems connect to. These extensions also act as Stabilizers. Due to the original Leg Emblems still present, they are pressed down like before to push up the two hinges on the Legs that straighten the outer piece of the Rising Core. The new hinges are slightly longer and curved which would theoretically give more emphasis to Rising's Drive Strip.

The Dracyan Arms 2 obtain more add-ons resembling wings but acting as Grips. These sleek holders are meant to make it easier to push down on the Arm Emblems which in-turn get elongated with clear pieces. On a cosmetic note, the Arms also have dragon heads emulated through red and green stickers, making it appear to "eat" the Emblems.

The Dracyan Head Armor is replaced with longer and more exaggerated horns. Rather than being clear they adopt a clear blue colour but still harbors the green emerald.

Cross Fight B-Daman eS[]

In Raising the Curtains! Phoenix Grand Prix, Riki Ryugasaki revealed to Kamon during the Phoenix Grand Prix that his Garuburn is not the only B-Daman that was upgraded. Surprising Kamon and Ultimate Drive=Garuburn, Riki attached the Ultimate Leg to his Rising=Dracyan, creating "Ultimate Rising=Dracyan". He then activated its Emblem Charge: "Torpedo Thunder Drive".



  • This is the second leg-based Version-Up Part with the first being the Buster Leg.
  • This is the only Version-up Part that was not released.
  • in the anime, While equipping the Ultimate Leg, Rising=Dracyan's body turned from blue to white, and the rising core is now blue