Vinnie V is a character in Battle B-Daman and the announcer for the IBA.

Vinnie V
Vinnie V
English Voice Actor Michael Sorich
Hair Brown
Eyes Gray
Age 20's
Occupation IBA Announcer
Non Battle Character

Appearance and Personality

Vinnie V is usually seen in a cowboy outfit and headset. He has brown hair and gray eyes. He appears to be a very encouraging and understanding person when it comes to an honorable B-Da Player.


  • Vinnie V is named "MC Jin" in the Manga.
  • in the japanese version he is called Mr. B-da

Battle B-Daman

Vinnie V is seen in every match of the IBA Winners Tournament due to the fact that he is the announcer for the IBA. Vinnie V is also shown in the IBA Winners Tournament Stadium sleeping there overnight and rarely cleaning up after himself. He has shown to have a rivalry with B-Da Mage as they both love to announce rules of a match type. During the IBA World Championships, Vinnie V is hypnotized by Ababa and forced to disqualify Yamato Delgado, but with the help of the persistence of the crowd, Vinnie V is freed and has Ababa run out of the arena.



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