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WBMA Proto 01 (Japanese: WBMA プロト01, WBMA Puroto 01) is a B-Daman featured in the Break Bomber Battle Set, DX Break Bomber 7, and Meteor Bomber sets.

Body Set & Core[]

The body set and core is generic.

WBMA Proto 01 Body and Core are fused together and only the arms can be detached.

B-Daman Crossfire (Anime)[]

Proto 01 is a mass-produced B-Daman created by the WBMA that does not contain the power of a B-Animal. However, when the Power of the B-Crystal was unleashed following the invasion of Basara Kurofuchi in the WBMA Headquarters, Proto 01s started talking just like customized B-Daman models. This is because the B-Crystal's power was dispersed due to Basara Kurofuchi's invasion on the WBMA Headquarters and flew into the Proto01s.

In the anime, Basara Kurofuchi is shown to have destroyed a W.B.M.A Proto 01 within the few seconds at the start of battle in two different occassions.

Ryuji Sumeragi's Proto 01 was disintegrated into sand during a challenge inside the North Sumadora Ruins. However, Ryuji gets a new Proto 01 after being freed from Dragold's influence as seen in B-Daman Fireblast.

Other versions[]

  • WBMA Proto 01 Silver Ver. - Exclusive to the DX Break Bomber 7 set
  • WBMA Proto 01 Red Ver. - CB-00 WBMA Special Premium
  • WBMA Proto 01 Dragold Ver. - CB-00 WBMA Special Premium, given out at the 2012 Summer World Hobby Fair. Semi-clear gold parts w/ black Trigger and Hold Parts, gradient red/orange/yellow visor sticker, gradient yellow/brown flame sticker w/ gradient blue "01" designs, and gradient yellow/brown foot stickers w/ gradient blue v-designs.
  • WBMA Proto 01 Coro Ichiban! Special Blue Ver. - CoroCoro Comic exclusive
  • WBMA Proto 01 Meteor Bomber Blue Ver. - Meteor Bomber
  • WBMA Proto 01 Meteor Bomber Red Ver. - Meteor Bomber
  • WBMA Proto 01 Clear Blue Ver. - CoroCoro Comic limited edition. Semi-clear blue Body Set, red Hold Parts and Trigger, green visor sticker, and gray flame sticker.
  • WBMA Proto 01 Clear Ver. - Limited edition. Cloudy translucent Body Set, blue Hold Parts and Trigger, purple visor sticker, and blue flame sticker.
  • WBMA Proto 01 Metallic Red Ver.





  • Proto 01 is voiced in the English dub by Ron Allen.