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Wen Yong Fa is a main character in Battle B-Daman. His current B-Daman is Comet Dragon.


He is the older of the Yong Fa brothers. 12-year-old Wen appears brash, cocky and arrogant. Skilled in a kung-fu like type of martial art, Wen is often blunt and stubborn, physically pushy and loud, but also openhearted and loyal to those he cares about.

As revealed in both the manga and anime, Wen has a tendency to be both emotionally dependent on Li (the more mature one of the duo) and slightly manipulative as well, sometimes pushing Li to do morally questionable things even when the latter is showing hesitation (such as pushing him to destroy Wing Ninja when Li appears to not want to do it).


  • Wen is 142cm tall and weighs 39kg.
  • His blood type is O.
  • His birthday is on May 7th.
  • Wen and Li's personalities are actually based off Eiji Inuki's own situation in the family. (His younger brother happening to be "better" than all his older siblings.)
  • He is shown to be more hesitant with changing or pretending to change sides than his brother which is evident in "Hog Wild", "The Rapid and Powerful", and "With Friends Like These".
  • His B-DaBalls are dark blue and match the color of his outfit.
  • Wen and Li are of Chinese descent as revealed in Battle B-Daman: Fire Spirits!


Wen is seen on several occasions back in the Shadow Alliance hideout. His real debut is when Wen and Li, obeying Ababa's orders, openly challenge Yamato to a battle on Delta Rock. Later, after a long fought battle, this is revealed to have been a setup. Wen and Li came out on top (arguably due to cheating) and revealed Gray's alliance to them.

Wen and Li are next seen at the IBA Winners Tournament dominating the qualifying rounds. Later in the Tournament Wen continues past the semi-finals by defeating a qualified B-DaPlayer named Sae.

Next, we see Wen participating in the plan to steal Wing Ninja before Li and Terry's B-DaBattle, stealing Wing Ninja while Terry is occupied with the battle between Yamato and Li vs. The Hogs. Wen joining Enjyu in encouraging Li to go with the plan and destroy Wing Ninja, even though the latter hesitates, hinting that Wen has a tendency to manipulate Li.

After Li's loss, Wen is shown to be only disappointed with the fact that Li's loss will make the Shadow Alliance look bad instead of being supportive of his brother. It is revealed that Wen will face Zorna in the Elite Eight Semi-Finals. Wen turns Zorna's own energy against him to easily defeat him in their match.

Wen only begins to stray from the Shadow Alliance during his match against Enjyu in the semi-finals. This is shown when he openly shows dislike for Enjyu's dishonest ways and refuses to lose to him on purpose, telling him that he wants a fair fight and that he is no longer going to listen to his orders. During his battle with Enjyu he is faced with a choice: whether to cheat and stay with the Shadow Alliance or play fair and leave. Wen chooses to B-DaBattle fair and to never cheat again, Li makes this decision right along with him even though this costs Wen the match. Even though the battle is lost Wen continues to head to the top of the power alley, refusing to give up and earning Yamato's respect, he and Wen finally becoming friends.

After the Tournament, Wen and Li return to assist Yamato and Gray defeat News and Salz in monster form. On Wen and Li's trip to return home they witness Ike stealing of all the B-Daman in a passing village, they return to Cowtune to get Yamato and their other friends to help. Wen and Li later appear at Mie's new mobile café telling them they are going to help find Yamato and the Gang too; During this, Wen appears in his new superhero costume].

Twin Dragon Kings

Armada has Wen and Li spy on Yamato and the others journey. Wen and Li rejoin Yamato and the others and take them to Lycan to meet the B-DaSage. While their they find the B-DaSage held hostage. Wen and Li agree to battle the nappers for their freedom. Before their battle Wen and Li receive King Bakuso for Wen and King Rekuso for Li. With their new found B-Daman they easily defeat their opponents. Afterwards the Yong Fa brothers and Yamato's group go their separate ways. Wen and Li return to Armada and the others to help stop Shegen in the city of Wygene. During his time in Wygene he helps train to Sly's trainee's including a young man named Ralf, while battling him he gets destructed and Ralf scores a lucky blow on Wen. After Liena is captured by Shegen, Wen battles in Sly's place due to his injury. Shegen has a large advantage in their battle due to his knowledge of the playing field but by combining his King Bakuso with Li's King Rekuso to form King Bakurekuso Wen is able to defeat Shegen in his own game. Wen and the group then land on a vacation Island where Wen and Li are assigned to the task of spying on Yamato and the gang once again. After the group leaves the island, Wen and Li follow and help defeat some Neo Shadow Alliance Soldiers.

Yong Fa Brothers No More

Afterwards Li heads back to report their activities to Armada while Wen goes back to spy on Yamato and the gang. Later on Wen begins to worry about Li and goes to look for him, shortly after he finds Li who is with Enjyu much to Wen's dislike especially when he finds out that Li has joined the Neo Shadow Alliance. After a long squabble between words Li challenges Wen to convince Wen to join him and the two B-DaBattle. Unable to shoot his brother Wen is left wide open and Li takes the victory offscreen, splitting the two apart. Wen goes back with Yamato and the gang and travels with them until they are brought to a stand still when Marda B launches his plan to conquer the B-DaWorld. After Yamato is defeated by Biarce the group goes into hiding until they are found by Joshua and Cain McDonnell. Trying to stop Cain along with Terry, they are both easily defeated. After the two leave the group heads to Neon City, the B-DaWorlds last standing stronghold against Marda B. After they all rest up Yamato and the gang decide to go and challenge Marda B before he and his army reach Neon City. Yamato, Gray, Terry and Wen continue into a portal to search for the B-Energy that is the weakness of Marda B. After they leave the portal they are met by a statue who offers them a test. All four of them must strike the statue's B-Daman simultaneously. It is not until Joe and Assado come and are frozen by the Statue that they are all able to get in sync and defeat the statue and receive the B-Energy. Once they return to Neon City they are horrified to find that it is destroyed and all their friends turned to stone. The group then decide to storm Marda B's Harrier and are met by Li Yong Fa who Wen decides to take on alone. Before their battle could begin Wen is interrupted by two Neo Shadow Alliance soldiers who use Wen and Li's tag team attack pattern but defeats them anyway. After a long fought and heartfelt battle Wen defeats Li and frees him from Marda B's control.

Battle B-Daman: Fire Spirits!


Battle B-Daman
Opponent/Challenge Outcome/Score Battle Type
Yamato and Bull (tag w/ Li Yong Fa) Win Free Chrome Zephyr / Direct Hit Battle
IBA Qualifying Round Perfect 100 Shoot the Gap
Sae Win B-Daman Invasion
Zorna Win Ultimate Strike
Enjyu Lose Power Alley
News and Salz (tag w/ Li, Yamato, Berkhart, Sigma and Gray) Win Direct Hit Battle
Monkey and Water Sprite (tag w/ Li Yong Fa) Win Six Wall
Sly's Trainees Win X18 Direct Hit Battle
Ralf Lose Direct Hit Battle
Shegen Win Trap Shooting
Neo Shadow Alliance Soldiers Win Direct Hit Battle
Li Yong Fa (Flashback) No Result Direct Hit Battle
Li Yong Fa Lose (Offscreen) Direct Hit Battle
Cain McDonnell (tag w/ Terry McScotty) Lose Direct Hit Battle
Marda B (tag w/ Yamato, Gray and Terry) Win Simultaneous Hit Battle
Neo Shadow Alliance Soldiers Win Direct Hit Battle
Li Yong Fa Win Direct Hit Battle
Marda B (tag/ Yamato, Gray, Terry, Enjyu & Li) Win Direct Hit Battle
Li Yong Fa No Result Direct Hit Battle
Opponent Outcome Battle Type
Yamato and Bull (tag w/ Li Yong Fa) Win Free Chrome Zephyr / Direct Hit Battle
Enjyu Lose 100-Storey Match
Sly Draw Shield Stage Challenge
Sly (2nd round) Win Shield Stage Challenge
Kiba and Jinbee (tag w/ Terry McScotty) Win Volcano Match


Battle B-Daman