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White B-Daman (Japanese: ホワイトビーダマン, Howaitobiidaman), also known as "Super B-Daman White" (Japanese: スーパービーダマンホワイト, Sūpābīdamanhowaito) in the anime, is a Power-Type Over Shell System B-Daman. It was released in Japan in January 1999 for 500円. It is the first B-Daman owned by Tamago Tosaka in the Super B-Daman anime, as well as the second in the manga.

Head Gear[]

The Head Gear is white and somewhat simple in design, with the #05 on it, along with red designs arranged like eyebrows above the visor, with the word "POWER" and a red triangle-arrow on the side, in addition to a grayish-blue line on top. It also has a gray visor with those famous green anime-eyes that its successors in the "Phoenix" series would have.

Side Arms[]

The Side Arms are white and simplistic in design, with its owner's name in red with a grayish-blue and squarish border on the left shoulder (stylized as "TamaGO"). On the wrist areas of the forearms are simple grayish-blue lines.

Feet Part[]

The Feet Part is simple and of a whitish color. Nothing too special.

System Core[]

The System Core is as simple as the rest of the B-Daman's body, boasting a pair of whitish Hold Parts. Above the left Hold Part is the word "POWER" with a red triangle-arrow pointing down towards the Hold Part. It also has a white trigger for firing B-Dama.

Power Wing and Multi-Trigger[]

The B-Daman comes packaged with an orange Power Wing and Multi-Trigger, both of which having been first featured in the earlier iteration of Super B-Daman where the toys are based on Hudson Soft's Super Bomberman for Nintendo's Super NES. The Power Wing gives a boost to the B-Daman's firing strength when attached to the rear areas of the Hold Parts, along with folding wings to adjust the amount of power poured into the shots. The Multi-Trigger allows the user to fire B-Dama with either one or two fingers.

These components do not appear in the anime.

Other Versions[]

  • White B-Daman Blue Version - Limited edition variant distributed at the Takara Boys Hobby Fair.

Super B-Daman (anime)[]





  • Oddly enough, while it is Tamago's first B-Daman in the anime, it is released later on in the toyline, during the days of the Plug-In System. This is because it was released during this time period in order to promote the Super B-Daman anime.