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Yamato Delgado (大輪 ヤマト Daiwa Yamato) is the main protagonist of Battle B-Daman and Battle B-Daman: Fire Spirits!. He is the adoptive son of Mie Delgado and IBA World Champion. He is 11 years old when he debuts but 12 in Fire Spirits! Yamato has many friends including Gray Michael Vincent, Bull Borgnine, Terry McScotty, Wen Yong Fa and Li Yong Fa and his master Armada. Yamato is voiced by Brian Beacock. He is later voiced by Tevi Eber in Fire Spirits! In the independently produced English dub that was aired in Okto/Kids Central in Singapore and Cartoon Network Philippines he is voiced by George N Cahill IV. His current B-Daman is Cobalt Blaster Drive Cannon.


Yamato has auburn hair and blue eyes. Yamato normally dresses in a western attire as he wears white pants and a sleeveless jacket all of the time. Yamato also has green goggles and a yellow ascot. He also has two belts: one tan and another brown, one for holding his B-Daman and the other for normal reasons. Yamato has matching brown and tan long boots that he takes off when trying to balance himself. Yamato has a scar on his left eye, seemingly since he was a baby but no one has ever mentioned or talked about it. Yamato also has whiskers, caused from the fact he was raised by cats, and shiny white teeth. Yamato also has no nose.


Yamato is extremely carefree, treating life as a game and fooling around most of the time. Yamato is rarely discouraged (unless he is hungry), he is very upbeat and happy and always looks to find the best in people. Yamato is also generous and quick to forgive, making him naïve. But when it comes to danger and the safety of his friends Yamato can be very serious and can be angered or saddened when this safety is compromised. Yamato was raised by cats until he was five years of age, thanks to this Yamato is very quick and agile. The combination of all these characteristics is what make Yamato a great B-DaPlayer and an even better person.


  • Yamato is 140cm tall, and 38.6kg.
  • His Blood Type is O.
  • The day he was picked up by Mie was on July 6th, which could also be considered to be like his birthday.
  • Unlike other protagonists who is real-world person, he is existing in other dimension.
  • Due to being raised by wild cats, he has noticeable cat traits and feline-like attributes:
    • being able to run on all fours
    • heightened sense of smell
    • lands on all fours when jumping and landing
      • Also when in comedic situations, his face becomes more cat-like.
  • His B-DaBalls are reddish orange and match the color of his hair.