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Battle B-Daman[]

Yamato Delgado and Gray Michael Vincent[]

Yamato Raised By Cats

Yamato, raised by cats

Raised by cats until the age of 5, his foster mother, Mie did not allow him to own a B-Daman until Cobalt Blade appeared to him one fateful night. Cobalt Blade, supposedly the best B-Daman ever made. Yamato makes his debut racing his cat Tommi back to his Mom's café. After so long he meets two thugs that unintentionally drive him to want to B-DaBattle. At his mom's café he is met by Gray who intently reveals Cobalt Blade to Yamato and then challenges him for it.

Using Yamato's first dose of B-DaPower he defeats Gray but then later goes looking for him for a rematch. This rematch ends in a draw and the two become friends. Gray then teaches him about the world of B-Daman where Yamato, Gray and Bull become close friends. This is also when Yamato defeats Battle Crow in a Direct Hit Battle. Next Wen and Li openly challenge Yamato to a B-DaBattle where he and Bull battle them to no avail when they are defeated. Wen and Li then test Gray's loyalty where his true past is revealed and Gray betrays them much to Yamato's displeasure. Afterwards Yamato and Bull also part ways.

Armada and the Winners Tournament[]

Yamato then drives himself to want to defeat Gray and becomes the pupil of Armada with his new friend Terry McScotty. After grueling training the two enter the IBA Winners Tournament where Yamato qualifies for the 16th entry spot by defeating Castieo, debuting his strike shot "Cobalt Power Blast". His next match would be the first round of the Semi-Finals facing his good friend Bull Borgnine, but little does he know Bull is under Ababa's control. When Yamato figures out that Bull is being controlled he makes it a battle for Bull's freedom and wins the match. Afterwards Yamato is introduced to Enjyu and the two instantly become rivals.

Yamato and Berkhart[]

Yamato vs Berkhart

Yamato vs. Berkhart

During Yamato's adventure into Flint the desert village he meets Berkhart and his brothers who attack Yamato after commenting on Berkhart's B-Daman. This upsets Yamato and he challenges Berkhart to a battle that resulted in a no contest due to Berkhart's B-Daman breaking apart. The two then look for the merchants who sold Berkhart and his brothers' inferior parts and they are revealed to be Shadow Alliance merchants led by Monkey Don. Yamato challenges Monkey Don for Berkhart and his brother's money back. Even though Monkey Don was cheating, Yamato defeats him thanks to Berkhart's help. Yamato and Berkhart's brothers then buy and build a new B-Daman for Berkhart. In Berkhart's match with Enjyu, Yamato encouraged him but to no avail when Berkhart is defeated.

Terry vs. Li[]

Yamato helps Terry train to face Li to qualify for the Elite Eight semi-finals. During this, Yamato loses a practice match of B-Daman Invasion. When his Mom's café is being robbed by Hogs, he and Li team up to defeat them. After Wing Ninja was smashed, Yamato hatched a plan to fix it using the spare parts and must get them to Terry during one of breaks of the match. Due to the Hounds of Chaos, Yamato loses the parts but regains them with the help of Gray. During the Round 2 to 3 break Yamato gives the parts to Terry and Terry defeats Li.

Five Field Challenges[]

Outside of Neon City, Yamato meets Assado and makes friends with him after saving him from the "Lion eating his head". Assado points him in the direction of Neon City where Yamato would meet Marilyn and accept the Five Field Challenges for One Hundred Thousand B-DaBucks. Yamato's first challenge would be the Leon Stage where he would have to face Assado, much to his surprise. After encouragement and belief, Yamato comes out on top with 5 more points than Assado, completing the Leon Stage Challenge. Assado congratulates Yamato and he leaves with the rest of gang to find jobs.

Most of the group fails at finding jobs and must return to the challenges where Bull would have to face Joe but is defeated, luckily they must only win 3 matches to complete the challenge. After Sly and Bull's victories, the group is invited to Mr. Watt's party. The Four Guardians then introduce themselves and their B-Daman to Yamato. Yamato and Cain soon get acquainted and show great sportsmanship before their battle.

Yamato vs Cain

Yamato vs. Cain

Round 1 of the Sword Stage went to Yamato, as he hits Cain with a power shot at the last second. The start of the second round is interrupted by the news that Bull has been taken by Mr. Watt. and forces him into Brave mode. The groups leaves to save Bull without Yamato which deteriorates his skills as a B-DaPlayer, due to the fact that he has nobody to back him. Without the others behind him, his skills fall to a level where Cain is able to easily defeat him, after losing the second round Yamato is injured but is aided by Cain. Within the third round Yamato is still out of sync without his friends but is reencouraged when Assado and the other Guardians cheer him on. With his skill back Yamato and Cain end the third round in a tie. After Cain suggests the final round begin without a time limit the two battle it out in a winner take all final round. Through an amazing hard fought battle, Cain is finally defeated by Yamato once all of his closest friends return. Yamato comes out as the winner of the Super Five Field Challenges. Afterwards the gang gets ready to head back to the IBA Winners Tournament.

The Long Awaited Rematch: Yamato vs. Gray[]

Yamato and his friends return to the IBA Winners Tournament as they have two members of the Elite Eight to battle the next day. It is later revealed that Yamato will face his former friend Gray in the next round, the very person who Yamato joined the tournament to beat. Instead of training for their match like Gray, Yamato plays with cats and spends many B-DaBucks on cat food, until he is met by Gray when they are heading back to their campsite where the two share a surprisingly friendly conversation on how they both say they are going to win.

Back at camp Yamato reflects and regrets on his memories with Gray until he is interrupted by Enjyu who tells Yamato the truth about Gray and how the Shadow Alliance has his sister, he also blackmails Yamato by telling him if he defeats Gray that he will never see his sister again. Their match begins but not without Yamato looking discouraged and saddened.

Yamato vs Gray

Yamato vs. Gray

The stipulations of their match work in Gray's favor as Yamato is not able to balance himself on the moving conveyor belt and easily knocks down many of Yamato's pins. Enjyu also becomes a large distraction of the match when he reminds Yamato of what he told him about losing earlier. Gray figures out that Yamato knows the truth but still tries to convince Yamato to seriously B-DaBattle him. After Yamato refuses Gray uses his wide server to quicken his victory, but when his chances of winning are endangered, Yamato returns to the battle field to face Gray in a fair B-DaBattle which ends in a tie when their strike shots make contact.

Their rematch starts and they both agree to have a real, fair and honorable B-DaBattle. After a hard fought battle their match ends in a tie once again with 43 pins knocked down each. When this next ends in a tie with only 3 pins standing each, they move on to their final round. At the end of their final round Yamato eliminates Gray's last pin, winning the battle. After the match Gray and Yamato finally renew their relationship as best friends.

Rescue Liena[]

During Terry's match against Sigma it is revealed that Sigma was switched with Liena, Gray's younger sister. After Terry's defeat, Yamato and the others promise to help get her back to Gray and the group set out to return her to the good side. During their search for Liena, Yamato confronts a Shadow Alliance Trainer named Goldo, where he learns the Shadow Alliance captures the spirits of B-DaPlayers. Bull and Terry decide to hold off Goldo while Yamato and Gray go to find Liena. When they find Liena, she assaults Gray for being a traitor. When she challenges Gray, Yamato steps in and battles her instead. Yamato uses his new move to defeat Liena and free her mind from the Shadow Alliance.

The Return of Cain McDonnell[]

Cobalt Blade Destroyed

Cobalt Blade Destroyed

Cain returns the Yamato's group while they are touring. Cain throws a party to celebrate Yamato's victories. During the night Marilyn is captured by a mysterious figure who Cain challenges for her freedom but is defeated. After Yamato defeated the mysterious figure, it is revealed that the figure is Joshua and it was all a hoax. Cain then reveals that this was a failed plan to destroy Cobalt Blade all along. This tears Yamato apart because he admired Cain so much. Yamato asking him after Cain's true feelings are thrown out into the open, the two have a battle to prove both their points. Yamato is defeated and Cobalt Blade is destroyed, scarring Yamato for life.

Cobalt Saber[]

Yamato and Cobalt Saber

Yamato obtains Cobalt Saber

Yamato is depressed by Cain and Cobalt Blade's death. Yamato and Armada decide to make another B-Daman with the restored piece of Cobalt Blade. When Cain sends the guardians to stop the creation of Cobalt Saber, Yamato completes it and uses its power to defeat Joshua. Yamato was scheduled to face Liena in the next round but is changed when Liena nominates Gray to take her place, and two face off once again. After an amazing battle and a close game, Yamato got in sync with Cobalt Saber and won the match.

Championship Finals: Yamato vs. Enjyu[]

Yamato vs Enjyu

Yamato vs. Enjyu

As the final two of the tournament, Yamato and Enjyu face off. Enjyu stole the system from under Yamato's nose and created Blazing Kahn with the help of Marda B. When Yamato loses the first round of their battle Yamato gets Enjyu to talk about his past and why he hates happiness and playing fair. Using techniques he learned from his friends, Yamato wins the second round. By firing off simultaneous strike shots the third round ends in a tie, the same happens in round four. After another drawn round Enjyu agrees to ignore Ababa and play fair against Yamato, this causes Ababa to try and destroy Enjyu but Yamado saves him. After 40 grueling rounds Yamato defeats Enjyu with the support of his friends but with Enjyu's change of heart the two along with all Yamato's friends show goods sportsmanship and signs of friendship. By winning the match Yamato is now the IBA World Champion.

Ghosts of Wintune[]

Yamato and Gray

Yamato and Gray are victorious

Yamato and the gang begin to return Gray and Liena to their hometown of Wintune but are surprised when Wintune has been wrecked and made into a Ghost Town. When Yamato returns back to his hometown of Cowtune, where he is challenged by over one hundred B-DaPlayers but he defeats them all. Yamato gives Cobalt Saber to Armada who has it fixed by Bull but it is actually broken and wrongly repaired by him.

Next the Longhorn Gang of the Shadow Alliance arrive and attack Carlitoville much like when it is revealed they attacked Wintune. Bull challenges the gang leader News' in his place but is eventually defeated due to News' third eye. News proceeds to trap all of the villagers (not including Yamato and the gang) in something he called a "Shadow Cell" and told them that the people of Wintune are trapped there as well. Yamato feeling helpless, Gray decides to challenge the gang and will face them in one week.

One week passes and thanks to Gray and Terry, the first wave is defeated. But by cheating with battle mines, Terry is knocked out and Gray is ambushed, things were looking dim. Bull and Armada save the day by returning a fixed up Cobalt Saber to Yamato, and a new B-Daman named Chrome Raven to Gray. Gray now easily defeats the rest of the Longhorn gang minions with Yamato, and even one round with News goes off well, forcing him to call Salz for help. With the help of Salz and holding the villagers shadow cell prison hostage, Gray and Yamato are backed into a corner, but Terry regains conscientiousness and encourages Yamato, allowing him to adopt moves from his friends and worry News and Salz, making them weak and cause Marda B to appear.

Marda B grants News and Salz new powers by turning them into monsters, giving Yamato and Gray a bit of trouble. This bit of trouble becomes a huge problem as Yamato and Gray are backed into a corner, being barraged by battle mines and B-DaBalls, Gray and Yamato appear to be defeated. Yamato and Gray are saved by Wen and Li who destroyed the mines and blocked the B-DaBalls; Vinnie V even shows up to announce this world class B-DaBattle.

Next even Berkhart and Sigma return to help. With the combined strength of all these friends, News and Salz are no match and ultimately defeated. Yamato and Gray proceed to free all the captured prisoners but not before they receive a threat from Marda B announcing the creation of the Neo Shadow Alliance.

Neo Shadow Alliance[]

While training with Yamato and Terry, Wen and Li return to ask for the help of the group to challenge the Neo Shadow Alliance because they witnessed an entire city ransacked by a man named Ike and his soldiers. When Gray and the others were about to take off they are stopped by Mie and Armada who do not allow them to go any further. This does not stop them though, they all decided to sneak out during the night leaving behind Liena, Mie and Armada. Gray chose to leave behind Liena for her own safety but still worries about leaving her without him. During their journey they meet a child who Terry has nicknamed Gill. He tells them that Ike is the one who took over the village and outlawed B-Daman in the name of the Neo Shadow Alliance. Yamato defeats Ike who turns out to be Castieo, Castieo gives Yamato a book listing potential B-DaPlayers being controlled by Marda B.

Next on their journey they run into Assado who eventually takes them to B-DaPlayer Academy where they find things have changed dramatically due to the Neo Shadow Alliance agent Manual taking over the school. Yamato and Assado challenge Manual and easily defeat him. He returns in Revenge mode and causes them a lot of trouble, revealing he can use their own moves against them. The two defeat him by combining their strike shots called Lion Claw Power Blast. Manual then gives Yamato directions to someone who he thinks can beat Marda B. The directions lead to a town called Lycan where he is to find the B-DaSage Pandoro.

On their way there, they meet up with Wen and Li take them to their hometown of Lycan. They find the B-DaSage's palace but there they find that his servants have been turned against him by Marda B. Wen and Li defeat the turned servants and learn the origin of Marda B the former B-DaMaster. The B-DaSage Pandoro tells them all to head west to find their next stage to defeating the Neo Shadow Alliance. During their trip they all stow away on a pirate ship belonging to Captain Fin. Captain Fin and Gray soon become friends and learn a lot about each other.

When Fin Junior, the son of Captain Fin attacks the ship, Gray battles him to free his mind from Marda B. With the help of Captain Fin, Gray defeats Junior even when he is cheating by utilizing the wind, Gray's specialty. Gray and the others depart after Captain Fin takes them as far west as possible. Yamato and the gang then head out west to Meowtra Temple where Yamato discovers his new abilities to power his Cobalt Power Blast much further.

His new powers were tested by Armada disguised as the spirit of Meowtra, during these challenges Terry is unable to past his test of rapid fire by scoring no points at all. After Yamato passes his test they all head to Terry's hometown of Tsubakura City. While in Tsubakura City, Yamato meets Terry's parents who he thinks are pretty harsh. While asleep Yamato, Bull and Gray are infected by a robotic mosquito that numbs their hands, making it impossible for them to B-DaBattle. It is discovered that Enjyu is behind this and Terry challenges him. After Terry is defeated, Yamato harshly insults Enjyu and tells him to leave.

The Final Battle[]

Yamato vs Biarce

Yamato vs. Biarce

Marda B begins to take over the B-DaWorld and the gang goes to stop his evil plan. Yamato challenges Biarce who they run into while traveling. Biarce makes defeating Yamato look like child's play and dampens everyone's hopes of ever defeating the Neo Shadow Alliance. To everyone's surprise, Yamato was defeated but even so Yamato tries to fight back but is turned into stone. Yamato's B-DaSpirit eventually breaks him free, allowing everyone to escape Biarce's wrath.

Yamato is defeated by Biarce

Yamato is defeated by Biarce

After they escape from Biarce, they are confronted by Joshua who pleads for them to help him win over Cain's good side, and speak of the devil, Cain arrives to challenge Yamato. Since Yamato was still recovering from his loss to Biarce, he could not face Cain, and Gray and Joshua did instead. After Joshua left with Cain, Yamato and the others were met by Miss Karat and her maids who take them to the last standing city of the B-DaWorld, Neon City.

In Neon City, he meets Berkhart, Assado, Joe and Sigma who still seem to be doing well. After they all rest up Yamato and the gang decide to go and challenge Marda B before he and his army reach Neon City. Yamato, Gray, Terry and Wen continue into a portal to search for the B-Energy that is the weakness of Marda B. After they leave the portal they are met by a statue who offers them a test. All four of them must strike the statue's B-Daman simultaneously. It is not until Joe and Assado come and are frozen by the Statue that they are all able to get in sync and defeat the statue, after they defeat it they receive the B-Energies.

Once they return to Neon City, they are horrified to find that it is destroyed and all their friends turned to stone. The group then decide to storm Marda B's harrier and are met by Li Yong Fa who Wen decides to take on alone. During their search in the Harrier, they are met by Cain and Joshua who are blocking the doorway to Marda B's lair. Gray decides to battle Cain due to the fact that they have a score to settle.

After leaving Cain to Gray, Yamato and Terry enter Marda B's lab where they are met by Biarce and a newly hypnotized Enjyu. When Biarce leaves the lair, Terry tells Yamato to pursue him while Terry holds off Enjyu. Yamato finally confronts Marda B and Biarce where he is told Biarce is not truly a boy but instead an entity of Marda B. Biarce tells Yamato that all the evil that's crossed his path thus far was to train him to be Marda B's greatest challenge.

Yamato defeats Marda Biarce

Yamato and the gang defeat Marda Biarce

Marda B and Biarce fuse together to form Marda Biarce and the two begin their legendary battle. Yamato is overwhelmed by Marda Biarce's strength and transported to the B-DaSpirit world before he could be defeated. There he meets up with all his friends and Tommi who is possessed by Marda B's truly good entity who tells Yamato about how Marda B came to exist. Afterwards Yamato and the others return to the battle field and blast Marda Biarce with their B-Energies and begin to overwhelm him until Terry fails to fire his because he used it to save Enjyu. Marda Biarce counter attacks and knocks out everyone besides Yamato out of the match. Yamato survives this attack because Cobalt Saber had received a new B-Energy from Marda B's good half. He tells Yamato and the others to combine their strengths to create it. The others rejoin the battle and combine their B-DaSpirits and memories to create a new B-Energy. Yamato B-DaFires the final B-Energy to end it all and defeat Marda Biarce. Yamato and the others head home where they are met by everyone and celebrate the victory over Marda B.