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Yasuaki Takumi is a Japanese voice actor.

Roles within B-Daman

Cross Fight B-Daman Afreco Interview

1. In the Sequel's Setting (Crest Land), what mysteries are you looking forward to? (B-Daman, places, people, events, etc are all OK)
Why did Kamon and Garuburn lost their memories?
Why does Aona-neechan dislike B-Daman?
What the heck are Gogyo's goals?
Those are what I have in mind right now,
I feel like Kamon's family might be a keypoint in the story, on when they will all be reunited back in their home.

2. Amongst the B-Ders from the WBMA, who do you look forward to see battling again in the future?
I want to see a duel between the two Protagonists!
I want to feel how fun would it be if there will be a battle with Kakeru.
Because they are really good at using the same Drive Shot, it will become a Drive-ccentric confrontation!

3. Lastly, please leave message for all B-Ders nationwide
For the fans of the previous series, make sure to support these battles that's always heating up and for the fans of this series, let's all stick together! ALWAYS KEEP THE HEAT UP!

Other Notable Roles


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