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Yuki Washimura (Known in Japan as Yukihide Washimura (鷲村ユキヒデ / 鷲村幸秀 Washimura Yukihide)) is a main character in B-Daman Crossfire and B-Daman Fireblast. His B-Daman is the Control-Type Strike Avian, which has since been upgraded to a new Control/Power-Type Emblem Charge System B-Daman, Across=Eagle.


Yuki is a twelve year old boy with brown hair and brown eyes. He wears glasses and has long hair that reaches almost to his shoulders. He wears a white long sleeve dress shirt under a bright orange sleeveless vest . He wears gray jeans and orange shoes that match his vest.

Official Bio[]

A handsome, longhaired B-Shot with glasses who belongs to the East Block.

His B-Daman is the control type Strike Avian (Eagle).

His sniping ability is top class among the East Block. The other B-Shots think of him like an older brother and he encourages them in his cool, west-coast accent.


Yuki is a friendly character with a Western (Osaka in the Japanese dub) accent, that has great respect to other B-Shots. He's also shown to be eating a lot on travels and at his family restaurant while not seeming to get any fatter, suggesting a very high metabolism.



B-Daman Crossfire[]

Yuki debuts inside a secret B-Daman training facility while welcoming Riki. During testing, Yuki doesn't battle, but does take part in making fun of Riki when he fails to complete his challenge.

Yuki returns at the second Crossfire site and introduces himself to newcomer Riki. He is the first to step up to the challenge and manages to score second place behind Riki.

B-Daman Fireblast[]

He returned on ES007 with a new Emblem Charge B-Daman, Across=Eagle. He is also seen having eaten a lot of food at Aona's restaurant, to her shock and horror and the surprise of Kamon.


  • Yuki bares a resemblance to Aleksei from Beyblade: Metal Masters.
  • His Family name "Washimura" means Eagle Village.
  • Yuki is a shortening of his Japanese version name, which is Yukihide. Either way, it means Courage.