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Zero Sniper Set

The Zero Sniper Set is a B-Daman accessory pack from the Battle B-Daman series.


Created by the South Korean toy company Sonokong, the Sniper Set is essentially a pack of two laser sights designed specifically for use with B-Daman of the Battle B-Daman line.

Two laser sights come in this pack: a smaller one that is compatible with any standard B-Daman (including those of the Blaster Core System) and a much larger one that can be used with any B-Daman from the Sonokong-exclusive Super Size series. The larger laser can still be used with a standard B-Daman but the piece fits loosely and risks falling off easily. As well as already coming with its decals on, it comes with a spare sheet of decals.

Each laser comes with its own shoulder armor, which resembles a very basic form of Cobalt Blade's shoulder pads, and can be placed on either the left or right shoulder of the B-Daman. The smaller laser uses standard sized armor while the larger Sniper uses armor from the Super Size series. A part of the shoulder pad protrudes outwards and has a hole in the top, where the laser can be attached, and acts as a pivot point to rotate the laser to wherever you want to point it. While it can move side-to-side with ease, it cannot move up or down.

A switch is found at the tops of the lasers in order to turn them on or off. The smaller laser's barrel can be twisted and pulled out a little to sharpen the laser, and the larger one's barrel can be pulled out quite a bit, to achieve the same effect.

The smaller laser requires two AG batteries while the larger laser requires two AAA batteries. The smaller laser needs a Philips screwdriver in order to take apart and change the batteries, while the larger one has a hinged flap on the back which can be opened to change the batteries.