The Zero System (ゼロシステム, Zero Shisutemu) was the second parts system in Battle B-Daman, first released in Japan on July 17th, 2003, in celebration of B-Daman's 10th Anniversary, since its inception in 1993. It was later licensed by Hasbro Toys in 2005 for release in the United States, Canada, and Europe, marking the very first time that the B-Daman franchise was released in nations outside of Asia. A Zero System B-Daman consists of a basic skeleton with a head, arms, feet, and the core, which is where marbles are fired from, in addition to external armor pieces like helmets/visors, shoulder pads, gauntlets, foot armor, and the designated B-Daman's gimmick depending on its Type.

Battle B-Daman (anime)

Six years prior to the events of the anime, Armada completed the first prototype Zero System skeleton, when it was stolen, along with its blueprints by the Shadow Alliance to create B-Damans for evil uses. He had also created Cobalt Blade to be the most powerful B-Daman, and prayed to the B-DaMage to send it to a good-natured warrior, in order to prevent its use by the Shadow Alliance.

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